Bondage Retreat Adventure
28th March -1st April 2018

Bora is coming for 2018

Bora is coming for 2018

Hello People, I am happy you are reading me, that is mean finally I have this website done and working!
I have been really busy and hard months and it was difficult to be focus on many things at the same time, so step to step I started to work on the next edition of Bora Retreat, that magical time where you can do many amazing activities in the nature with Shibari Community, so Oficialy Nex edition of Bora will be next year, pencil these dates in your diary if you do not want to miss it.
28 Marh – 1 April
Last time we sold all tickets in 48 hours, so by now you know you can buy your!

Click here for more info and Buy your Ticket

Rope and photo MnR, Model IntriguedFrenchy

MissBones & FreddHat with Sophia, Workshop 2017


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